RumourMill w/ Devin Millwood

Posted by Devin Millwood on 4 Aug 2014

With the TEXAS TWO-STEP turned and double-downed, NEW FRONTIER WRESTLING heads to RELOADED 22 and the southern stomping grounds portion of the ROAD TO FUTURESHOCK 2. Let's look at some questions concerning the second leg of the trip. . .

Is there any chance we're going to see THE WALKING DEAD fight each other before RELOADED 23?

There's been some questions on the stability in Pat 'CANCER' Black's mindset since returning to New Frontier. From a bigger picture level it looks schizophrenic as he first seemed obsessed with Castor Strife, blood brother bonded with Jack Harmen's disdain for the PROFESSIONAL ties to the FRONT OFFICE and his brutish neanderthal reactions to Xavier Langston. So, if I'm Jack Harmen. . . and certainly if I'm Calvin Carlton, I'm at the ready for this scarred psychotic to try and turn the tables at any moment. If Black has made up his mind (is that possible?) waiting until 23 would be a major point of analysis no matter how the result shakes out. With the RELOADED 22 lineup still not finalized, we don't even know how much THE PRESIDENT will bold the 'CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE' line in the footnote disclosure font.

C'mon. . . when is Eddie pulling out the Ace of Spades up his sleeve? We've got dozens surrounding every other title, but the big daddy. NOVA's out of prison, JTP's gotten clean, we know something's up.

Well, I what else is going to trump Castor and Jack Harmen in Eddie's mind at this point? Randalls might be the only other wrestler that could be marketed as a name along theirs right now, but he's hyper-focused on any remaining member of The Hellfire Club. JJ Deville just had his first match back. Now, I did hear that Nova might be coming back in an ambassador-type role, potentially out of the ring for good as he's won all three big ticket items in NFW history. The Ultratitle, The World Title and the EMTs. That's what makes Harmen vs. Castor as alluring of a etched in stone FUTURESHOCK 2 main event - the credentials on the line are unmatched. So, if I'm Cancer. . . and I take that 'CLEAN SLATE' . . . I'd be worried about the FRONT OFFICE, which of course might be the exact reason he does go that route as he wants to light them on fire. And Joe the Plumber coming back is about the most absurd thing anyone could say aside from Craig Miles walking back into this thing as well. I don't care how often Cancer or Harmen scream his name, I'll be Alex Austin's uncle before that happens.

What the hell is Jekyll Island?

This is where I think those cards may be up the sleeves of the FRONT OFFICE, in the literal sense too. It's not going to be the random signing of some SUPERSTAR that's going to ramp up the FUTURESHOCK buy-in, but there's alot of secrecy going on with the card itinerary now. We are on the slate for Miami and the ensuing BRAWL in Jacksonville, Florida. That's Eddie's hometown show and it's got all the liner notes and budget set. Reloaded 23 at Jekyll Island hasn't been brought to the front line and there's also rumors of NFW being in Baltimore for TWO WEEKS with a special/unannounced show put on the docket. That may attract some high-profile talent from a booking and exposure level, which may really serve as one of the strongest foundations in history for a big-time NFW event.

What else?

With two more signings for the tag-team division, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jacksonville see that as a focus for their show. We know the President loves his tag wrestling. Also, Kerry Kuroyama and Xavier Langston are headed on a straight-line course at each other to earn any sort of title shot in NFW. . . or we may see some more YOUNG LION talent from the UWA creep into the ranks and challenge their 'next man up' status after RELOADED 22. The recent UWA POWER RANKINGS report on an NFW covered telecast certainly raised my eyebrow with that in mind.

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