Do we need to save K2?

Posted by Devin Millwood on 16 Jun 2014

Knowing the history of New Frontier Wrestling - whose responsibility is it to save KERRY KUROYAMA before it's too late?

Looking through the history of New Frontier Wrestling, unforgettable heroes have been established. These heroes have made their way to the mountain-top of NFW with the energy of the fans and the praises of the industry media.

Shane Southern.


Joe the Plumber.


Jack Bryant.

Each of these men in their own way have defined a point in NFW's fourteen-year history that is marked not only by what they represented as wrestlers, but also what it would take to exceed expectations and become the proverbial King of the Mountain.

In Jack Harmen's latest in-ring segment, just moments after bludgeoning Castor Strife -- he listed off these names as casualties. And the sad fact in regards to the legacy of New Frontier Wrestling is not that these heroes have survived and overcome, but only fallen off that mountain and broke against the jagged rocks below.

Shane Southern broke the Ultratitle over Michael Manson's head, Nova got crowned by the Front Office and is currently in jail. Joe the Plumber's body became as broken as his mind, Impulse could no longer stand for something he did not believe in. . . and most recently, Jack Bryant's career may have ended just trying to stay on top of that mountain regardless of what any doctor or official tried in prevention of that disastrous night at Random Rumble.

Heading into Reloaded 21, there is a clear-cut favorite burgeoning amongst the fans of New Frontier Wrestling. While he is not yet competing against Jack Harmen for that World Heavyweight Championship, a victory against three other competitors will launch him into a Triple Crown Championship match against another fan-favorite (and seriously injured) Leyenda De Ocho.

Kerry Kuroyama, more affectionately known to the fans as K2 or 'THE PACIFIC BLITZKRIEG' has brought a no-nonsense, honorable approach to New Frontier Wrestling - almost a complete blend of past fan favorites such as Impulse and Evan Aho. Much like JTP, Impulse and Bryant he's on the precipice of winning his first secondary title that will no doubt launch him in the rankings.

The real question isn't whether NFW's perpetual Wild West environment will eventually either break his body, spirit or mind. . . at this point the question is HOW it will happen and WHO will be the cause. Kerry Kuroyama's career is young, much like Bryant's. Kerry Kuroyama's cause is noble, much like Southern's and Impulse's. But in the end, does any of that matter to a FRONT OFFICE more concerned with dollars and Heel Bibles? And certainly with men like Dorchester Stratton and Teddy Alexander gleefully ending careers - there's no question that if he threatens their goals, they will attack.

So, do we need to save Kerry Kuroyama? Does someone need to pull him aside and warn him that his path as righteous as it is. . . is even more dangerous? There was a time that Impulse tried to rally the Superfly Express and Jack Bryant against the Windham Clan, but we all now know how that went: One's in jail. . . and another is responsible for the end of Jack Bryant's career 'cause he challenged for the World Championship. Hell, Kuroyama's FELLOWSHIP broke before their third event together and they're battling for a shot at their FELLOWSHIP FELLOW's Smart-Belt.

And now with a man like Cancer unveiling his identity to New Frontier Wrestling, aligning with a completely psychotic Jack Harmen and Calvin Carlton -- not even the FRONT OFFICE is safe as evidenced by their attack on President Eddie Mayfield, so how could a shot at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP be in anyone's interests?

Unfortunately, Kerry Kuroyama may end up being as stubborn as Jack Bryant was. He's not going to give up, he's not going to heed this warning and each time he rejects this notion - the fans will love him even more. They will carry him up that mountain. . .

In my mind, that's what I struggle with. . . as much as these fans may carry K2 to heights he's never reached, it's their energy and blind devotion that may lead him to a fall he may never recover from. Do we need to save K2? Do we need to turn our backs on him. . . before someone breaks his?

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