NFW Brawl 74: Houston

27 Jul 2014
Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
(seats 19,000)


(TIME-LAPSE FADEIN: An interior overhead shot of the TOYOTA CENTER in HOUSTON, TEXAS as various production trucks back onto the concrete floor through the garage hangars from the loading docks area. ‘SYMPHONY FROM SPACE’ - SPIRITUALIZED kicks in as hundreds upon hundreds of NFW production staff, Toyota Center employees and hired contractors start organizing and building the various set pieces of the arena. . .)

”We've a couple of housekeeping procedures for you. We'd like you to roll right to 0-6-0 and null your rates.”

“Roger that. Rolling right, 0-6-0.”

(The CRIMSON STAR ring gets set up in the middle of the cavernous arena, next to the lowered TOYOTA CENTER scoreboard getting retro-fitted with a NFW BRAWL logo. As the scoreboard gets raised via thick metal wires, the FRONTIERtron and crossroads gantry start taking shape with the steel scaffolding backbone and metallic floorboards starting to extend towards the ringside area.)

”And then if you could give your oxygen tanks a stir.”

(SFX: Sparking, explosion, Alarm buzzing)

“Hey, we've got a problem here.”

(With the ringside area now getting surrounded by steel barricades, the large general admission floor area takes shape with five aisleways for fans mimicking a star formation from the overhead shot. Meanwhile, the FRONTIERtron gets situated by dozens of contractors, while the NFW PYRO crew positions the various fireworks cannons, fire jets as the lighting technicians fasten in the various laser, strobe and spotlights.)

“What did you do?”

“Nothing. I stirred the tanks.”

(THE FRONTIERtron set design resembles MISSION CONTROL staring at JACK HARMEN standing on the sun, holding up the NFW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP as various rocket missiles are being fired at him - CASTOR STRIFE, the BLACK MARKET, CANCER and KERRY KUROYAMA riding them like bucking broncos. . .the production trucks start pulling out, the crew starts to dwindle. . . the lights start dimming. . .)

“Uh, this is Houston. Say again, please?”

Houston, we have a problem.




(A low-fi, blues shuffle guitar riff slowly increases on the volume knob with the upstroke hitting sharply on the 4/4 backbone of a blues beat. . .an unmistakable intro for some of TEXAS’ finest bands and beards.)

Rumour spreadin' a-'round in that Texas town
'bout that shack outside La Grange
and you know what I'm talkin' about.

(CUTTO: THE TOYOTA CENTER getting emblazoned by a fury of fireworks and cauldron of pyrotechnics that are white-hot blinding! Fans are pumping their fists in the air, raising ‘HOOK ‘EM HORNS’ hands signals to the rafters! as the FRONTIERtron’s outer shell has spotlights spinning and swirling, while strobe lights accentuate from the rafters area! CUTTO: THE HOUSTON TEXANS cheerleaders on the entrance ramp crossroads, taking off their Texans jerseys for NFW CRIMSON STAR jerseys and doing a dance routine! As they alternate to front and backs to the crowd, we see a KUROYAMA - 2, LEGION - 666, HOLLYWOOD - ZERO jerseys!)

Just let me know if you wanna go
to that home out on the range.
They gotta lotta nice girls ah.

(‘LA GRANGE’ - ZZ TOP ACTION MONTAGE! the screeching and squawking Gibson thunderbird and Marshall fuzz ratchet up with highlight clips including a slightly distressed and buzz-cut JJ DEVILLE making his way down to the ring with MIKE RANDALLS. . . CASTOR STRIFE wide-eyed and head swiveling right into a spinning leg lariat from XAVIER LANGSTON! PETER WINDHAM angrily slapping the apron as LUCKY SEVEN barrages LANE CASH with a series of side kicks and jumping kneestrike! LEGION dropping repeated kneedrops across KERRY KUROYAMA’s forehead! DOUG MAYFIELD screaming at REY AMARILLO that the color yellow is banned in the FOOOOTURE! BLAINE HOLLYWOOD slapping MALIK ANDERSON across the face in a corner, then facing the consequences of getting hogtossed in a reversal and taking rapid-fire shoulder blocks! OMEGA ZERO and BANDIT clubbing each other with alternating right hands, neither going down! JACK HARMEN sliding through DEVASTATOR’s legs, popping up, bouncing off the ropes, going for a HART ATTACK clothesline, but getting countered with a swinging Uranage Backbreaker! MUSIC CUT. FADETOBLACK.)




(FADEIN: A spinning canvas with the ruby-red ESEN logo lens-flaring and surrounded by orbiting silver stars.)


(CGI CUTTO: The ring streaming out with acid-trailers behind it as the shot zooms into a 3-D wire-grid pattern where pulsating lights shoot like stars on a circuit board. The camera view swerves upwards following where a circular pipes connected to the 3-D grid extend out and into a steampunk paradise of cranks, gears and metal that hardwire into a COMMAND INFORMATION CENTER styled set of screens running various diagnostic checks. It starts running key commands in CMD.EXE mode that initializes a series of highlights on all the screens including: CASTOR STRIFE falling off a scaffold! JACK BRYANT and DORCHESTER STRATTON swinging wild haymakers! SHANIQUA CARLTON strutting down the aisle as smartphone flashes flicker like crazy off her glittering ‘SHE-UNIQUE’ dress! LEGION cackling, his face bloodied as the GRAVEROBBERS stand tall by his side, then ending with JACK HARMEN holding up the NFW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! QUICK CUTTO: ESEN RINGSIDE quickly dashes past the wire-grid pattern in a AIRZOOM silver metallic font…)


(CUTTO: ESEN STUDIOS -- A front-facing shot of a studio desk where WENDY DREWES and TED CALDWELLER sit across from each other. Behind them is the mammoth flatscreen plasma television inlayed into a cherry-oak wall backdrop etched with diamond cut-outs. The plasma wall flashes the NFW CRIMSON STAR logo spinning in a repeating animation, while various photos of today’s and yesterday’s iconic ESEN-based superstars and events are hung around the wooden backdrop including SHANE SOUTHERN delivering a ‘PARTY’S OVER’ SUPERKICK to a young CASTOR STRIFE! TEMPUESTA DEL FUERTE and CHRIS MCMILLAN both hanging twenty feet in the air in the first ever ‘HELLS KITCHEN’ match in NFW, THE GRAVEROBBERS standing tall next to each other, faces hidden behind their death masks, CASTOR STRIFE bloodied and arms up in victory as fireworks explode around the FUTURESHOCK 2 BANNER, and JACK HARMEN kneeling in front of CALVIN CARLTON thrusting up the NFW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP towards the sky like it’s Simba. Animated red and white LED lights blip around the back wall, while a top strip is reserved for a ESEN NEWS ticker report on various wrestling and MMA federations. DREWES has her blonde hair down and slightly curled, wearing a royal blue business suit, pearl necklace (quiet Lamont!) and cream white heels. She's also got on thick, red-rimmed spectacles. CALDWELLER is sporting a white dress shirt, black sports coat with an orange tie. He's clean-shaven with his curly black hair cut short and receding slightly as usual.)

WENDY DREWES: “ANNNNNNNNND welcome to ESEN RINGSIDE TELEVISION! We’ve got a special 60-minute edition tonight as NEW FRONTIER WRESTLING just capped off an NFW BRAWL with all sorts of extra toppings in HOUSTON, TEXAS tonight! Sold out and nearly 20,000 in attendance at the Toyota Center as EIGHT. . . that’s right EIGHT matches AND a contract signing between Teddy Alexander and TRIPLE CROWN CHAMPION Leyenda De Ocho took front and center stage tonight. As always, I’m joined by ESEN and NFW INSIDER, TED CALDWELLER formerly of the EWTORCH. We got to watch the live stream on SEASON PASS, Ted. . . and without too many puns regarding rockets and space-travel, this was an EXPLOSIVE show!”

TED CALDWELLER: “No doubt Wendy, looking at everything on paper you’d think that NEW FRONTIER was pulling all the stops out for a LIVE TV experience, but sometimes you gotta pull out all the stops to put 20,000 keesters in the seats when you’re on tour. Not only were there eight matches, but Jack Harmen FINALLY defended his WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in the main event, while his challenger’s tag partner battled OMEGA ZERO to determine the upcoming fate of the EMT CHAMPIONSHIPS. Pair that up with the TEN-MINUTE challenge between MALIK ANDERSON and BLAINE HOLLYWOOD, and we saw all title situations advancing to their next stage. This was done in mind since RELOADED DOUBLE-DEUCE and MIAMI are next on the itenerary, so we saw alot of dust settle in this show’s aftermath. . . but in some respects, that only served to escalate some of the rivalries and hostilities in NFW.”

DREWES: “That’s true, and the Graverobbers certainly were a focal point of this show with their two singles matches. Their leader LEGION coming off a victory against the aforementioned BLAINE HOLLYWOOD found himself in a tough matchup against ‘THE PACIFIC BLITZKRIEG’ KERRY KUROYAMA in what has to be considered a top rankings match-up. And the Graverobbers and Chromatic Dragons had to keep their eyes on the undercard of the show from a scouting perspective. Ill Fortune made their presence known leading up to this show and secured a challenge match against Dirty Deeds, while LOS OLVIDADOS coming off their debuts. . . faced a much different and stiffer challenge with DOUG MAYFIELD and the SHADOWRUNNERS.”

CALDWELLER: “The tag division is expanding, Wendy. I’ve also got some INSIDER information that we should probably expect an ALL-NEW never before seen tag-team debuting shortly in NFW. I don’t have much information on them yet, but in a good way and bad way -- I’ve heard they’ve got the top-tier wrestling talent, but the douchebaggery on the scale of August De La Rossi who we remember from his time with the Windham (=W=) Clan, but now resident top dog in the UWA.”

DREWES: “That’s both interesting and possibly frightening! (TED laughs!) And speaking of the UWA, we’re going to do a little check-in with ‘TROUBLESHOOTER’ CRAIG MURRAY for a UWA rankings report, and possibly when to expect the next SEASON PASS experience for UWA on ESEN TV.”

CALDWELLER: “And speaking of De La Rossi, his old comrade sure had an interesting night.”

DREWES: “If you’re referring to JJ DEVILLE. . . his real name returned to the lights tonight against former Bodybuilding Champion Ryan Oracle, which definitely showed some old and new things from Deville now that he’s. . . I guess trained by Mike Randalls?”

CALDWELLER: “I don’t know if what we saw tonight was training or mental torture, Wendy.”

DREWES: “Probably a little from column A and column B, Ted. There was also an interesting singles pairing this evening with CASTOR STRIFE and XAVIER LANGSTON, which share a common thread in Pat ‘Cancer’ Black, Calvin Carlton and if Langston were to win. . . potentially the World Champion in Jack Harmen.”

CALDWELLER: “Yes, this was a big-time opportunity for Langston to scale up the singles ranks after failing to win the fatal fourway for the Triple Crown Championship shot. With Jack Harmen getting the ‘deck stacked’ according to the Front Office press release, I think with the fallout from the K2/Legion and Langston/Strife matches -- The Walking Dead may have been getting some early scouting for RELOADED 22 where we know Jack Harmen MUST defend.”

DREWES: “Well, don’t forget that CANCER now has that contract to challenge JACK HARMEN. Castor Strife bucking all trends in not giving himself more money, or pulling someone inside to even the odds. . . went the divide and conquer route with the Walking Dead.”

CALDWELLER: “Which may be the wisest choice considering the egos, personalities, convictions and psychosis involved.”

DREWES: “So, we’ve taken up all the time we want for the breakdown of what we’re gonna cover. We’re going to take a quick break and return with. . . THE RETURN OF JJ DEVILLE! That’s going to kickstart the rocket fuel in the tank, we’ll also be joined IN-STUDIO by NFW SENIOR WRESTLING ANALYST, WILD (Drewes flashes five fingers) FIVE STAR and check-in with the Admiral-Lieutenant of the NFW BRAWL, the man that sits in the captain’s chair of the BRAWLOPTIMUS PRIME, none other than NATRONE RICE! Unlike most NFW competitors, we’ve got a full deck (TED laughs!) and we’ll be right back to shuffle and DEAL!”



Mike RandallsRyan OracleJJ Deville

(FADEIN: SILHOUETTES of the ESEN RINGSIDE studio members, briefly chatting, a LONG PAN showing crew standing around in the recesses of the shot, then tightening in and CUTTO CAMERA-READY ONE and DREWES, now with full lights, and a devilish smile.)

DREWES: “Ok, we are back and we are STRAPPED IN and ready for takeoff flight! And the FIRST stop on our galactic local tour, is a stop at PLANET JJ DeVILLE, where I would normally say with all seriousness, there is NO signs of life (CALDWELLER snorts off-camera!), but since being shelved for several months due to the buildup of injuries, starting at the hands of the returning CASTOR STRIFE in late 2013, recuperating and THEN further injuries at the hands (and feet, and knees) of his ex-partners in the Hellfire Club, Blaine Hollywood and TV Champ Dorchester Stratton, JJ DeVille who was easily the most hated man in the industry has. . . Idunno Ted, would it be safe to say that JJ is trying to ‘turn over a new DeVille?”

CALDWELLER: “I think it’d be safe-but I’m not exactly sure if we will ALL be SORRY when all is said and done.”

DREWES: (Nodding. An INSET appears of a still-video shot of JJ DeVILLE standing in the intersection in front of the FRONTIERTRON wearing what can only be described as a white pleather karate gi, with interlocking ‘JJ’s in Tarheel Blue on the front, staring out at the crowd who are booing and sneering. DeVILLE’s face looks… HURT.) And none sorrier than me, who (holds hand to heart) I ACTUALLY felt BAD for JJ DeVille when he stepped out in front of this Houston sold-out crowd! JJ came to the ring seconded by ‘The Wolf’ MIKE RANDALLS which turned the crowd to cheers that JJ seem to be jealous of, breaking his silence and screaming at the closest camera that the fans should be happy to see him return from the IR, and that garnered a hard stare from Randalls! JJ straightened up and got in the ring, asking for a mic, but Randalls said ‘NO!’ Mike Randalls apparently calling the shots in JJ’s corner, got in his face and told him to focus and WRESTLE, and that’s what we got to see the former spokesperson for the Hellfire Club do against a returning Ryan Oracle, who was also returning from injury, but didn’t learn from his last hospital stay by taking it easy on the body oil…”

CALDWELLER: “Well if you don’t know WHY he was in the hospital, you can just cross-reference TMZ from a month and a half ago…”

DREWES: “Right, I don’t want to go there but let’s just say Ryan was a little ‘tender’ and tried to stay at a vertical base throughout this match. . .

(ACTION MONTAGE! JJ DeVILLE in the ring getting shoved by RANDALLS as he takes off his pleather karate robe and tries to hand it to him; JJ wearing Tarheel blue boyshorts, and matching kickpads and boots with the UNC Ram in between ‘JJ’s doing ballet br stretches on the top rope; RYAN ORACLE in a posedown wearing his circlet Man-Tiara and fringed Narcissist briefs; DeVILLE spin-kicking ORACLE right in the face, his tiara spinning off into the 8th row!)

CALDWELLER: “One of the hottest arguing points against DeVille since his emergence in NFW, riding in on a horse with the Windham Clan and then by the end, being the face of the group and becoming a bonafide STAR, like or hate it, was that WRESTLING took a backseat --no pun intended Ryan Oracle!--and JJ spent more time getting NFW thrown off-television or sequestering whole arenas of fans for hours for ridiculous reasons, JJ is an AMAZING athlete, but enjoyed the power of the pen more than showing his athleticism. What’s putting him here in this spot right now, is the ENDING of the Windham Clan, where JJ pulled a masterstroke with Blaine Hollywood and Stratton, destroying his mentor Troy Windham AND that man right there, Mike Randalls and forming a new evil alliance over their careers and bodies, the Hellfire Club which ultimately crashed and burned. Now Mike Randalls is back and either making JJ DeVille work off his sins in one way or another, or possibly using him as a backdoor--AGAIN NO PUN RYAN ORACLE to get himself into NFW and back at the men that tried to end his career! (laughs) Anyway you bend it over--”


CALDWELLER: “I’m sorry-- it’s just that I saw the whole emergency room footage with Oracle on leaked security cam. I can’t UNSEE that. No disrespect to the NFW Nation, but… WOW.”

DREWES: “Well while Ted gets signed up for sensitivity training, (CALDWELLER: “SENSITIVITY!”) let’s get back to the results. What Ted said - well a FEW parts at least are true - JJ DeVille is a gifted athlete, and has some sort of ‘beautiful mind’ thing where he can learn his opponents moves which I don’t think helped him much in his return against Ryan Oracle, who I think only knows how to punch and throw clotheslines! Ryan was battered, tattered and bruised by JJ DeVille, who pulled out EDUCATED FEET and kicked The Lamb of Zeus all over the ring for 4 minutes straight, knocking the shine off his face with a tooth-rattling Superkick, then sending him back to Mt, Olympus after the COUP DE VILLE Spinning Pedigree that he almost lost at the end, because of Oracles’ slipperiness! An impressive return for JJ DeVille, and the crowd still booed, but some stood up and gave him props, Ted. DeVille demanded the microphone again but Mike Randalls slapped it out of his hands and shoved him out of the ring! If former NFW TV Champion JJ DeVille is looking for fan support, he’s going to have to try harder than that!”


Los OlvidadosThe ShadowrunnersDoug Mayfield

(CUTTO: Back to the panned out shot of DREWES and CALDWELLER in studio with the large PLASMA reeling off a few different replays from the LOS OLVIDADOS debut in Deep Ellum, Texas against the MEATWRAPPERS. The highlights shift to EL CABRON and REY AMARILLO walking out underneath the FRONTIERtron, while a cacophony of yellow, sparkling pyrotechnics explode overhead!)

DREWES: “So, on our last show we saw the debut of LOS OLVIDADOS and on this one they definitely stepped up the competition against the Shadowrunners who have recently come off a string of victories in their rivalry against the Original Showstoppers. As some fans may have seen in NFW FILMS, they’re now joined to the hip by. . . a mini-version of Riddick that I used to know as ‘Just’ Mark.”

CALDWELLER: “Well, technically his name only changed a little since joining Dougie Mayfield’s cabal.”

DREWES: “And amazingly, that may make him even more annoying.”

(CUTTO: THE SHADOWRUNNERS and DOUG MAYFIELD walking out in matching black leather, and Rockets Red glowlight plastic TRON TRIM as ‘JUST DIESEL’ MARK films them with a GO-PRO camera, wearing RIDDICK GOGGLES, a dirty and splotched fake fur, no shirt, silver bike-chain necklaces and tattered black pants with black duct tape wrapped around haphazardly.)

CALDWELLER: “They all got a look that’s hard to copy.”

DREWES: “And an insanity as well as now since Mark is claiming to know ALL of the secrets that Legion keeps. . .from being locked in the trunk of his car for months. He also requires those goggles to see bright lights because he is so adjusted to the PITCH BLACK.”

CALDWELLER: “Well, he was in that trunk long enough to grow his own food.”

(QUICK CUT ACTION MONTAGE! CABRON and DESTINY attacking and countering various martial arts strikes and aerial attacks to crowd applause! CABRON tagging AMARILLO who catches the unsuspecting DESTINY with a running clothesline! DESTINY getting smushed by a SUPLEX BODYPRESS combo strike from LOS OLVIDADOS! CABRON goes for a hurricanrana on DESTINY, but gets countered into a modified STUN GUN across the top ropes by DESTINY tossing him backwards! THE SHADOWRUNNERS connect on a DOUBLE ELIMINATION to CABRON! DOUG MAYFIELD on the apron, allowing for the SHADOWRUNNERS to pull the twins trick on the ref! REY AMARILLO chasing MAYFIELD around ringside, where MARK throws himself and gets shoulder-blocked!)

DREWES: “The fans started to rally behind LOS OLVIDADOS with the Shadowrunners now getting additional assistance on two fronts.”

CALDWELLER: “And for as smarmy as Mark was in the past, either his experiences in that trunk were truly traumatizing and he’s extremely grateful to these guys, or he’s a douche trying to get in with the President’s brother. Tough call there.”

DREWES: “But you’re avoiding crazy option three, he’s been mindwiped and assimilated by Legion and is a plant!”

(CALDWELLER feigns shock as we quick cut to another HIGHLIGHTS MONTAGE! AMARILLO getting the hot tag and flying in with a vicious forearm strike to FORTUNE! AMARILLO hits an overhead belly to belly with a pin, but DESTINY breaks it up on FORTUNE’s behalf! EL CABRON flies in with a springboard split-legged dropkick that gets the crowd off their feet! TEXAS TORNADO CLIPS - stereo left jabs into a spinning ole forearm from LOS OLVIDADOS! The SHADOWRUNNERS hitting the brakes after running through stereo OLVIDADOS leapfrogs and countering them with stereo reverse thrust kicks to the face!)

CALDWELLER: “Even with the distractions on the outside, it was going to be a hotly contested match on the inside. Destiny and Fortune have hit a successful groove in the ring lately, but on this night. . . I think the unscouted nature of LOS OLVIDADOS came through.”

(CUTTO: THE SHADOWRUNNERS perched on diagonally opposite turnbuckles, but DESTINY takes a running enziguiri from CABRON and falls out of the ring! FORTUNE gets crotched on ropes from AMARILLO shaking the ropes. . . this leads to AMARILLO taking off FORTUNE WITH A SPIDER NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX for the pin! Unfortunately, as he gets untangled ‘JUST DIESEL’ MARK kabongs EL CABRON in the back of his head with the GO-PRO! AMARILLO then finds himself in a three-on-one stompdown before escaping outside the ring! CUTTO: Back to CALDWELLER and DREWES in the studio. . .)

DREWES: “LOS OLVIDADOS do pick up the victory, but judging by EL CABRON’s near-concussion. . . the Shadowrunners and certainly Doug Mayfield are going to be willing to escalate the hostilities, so this new tag team don’t escalate too much further in the rankings.”

CALDWELLER: “If I’m the Chromatic Dragons, I’m getting ready to bare down and protect the plunder because the looters are definitely coming.”

DREWES: “On that note, we’ll be right back with KERRY KUROYAMA and LEGION in one-on-one action!”


'Pacific Blitzkrieg' KERRY KUROYAMA v 'The Man They Call' LEGION

Kerry KuroyamaLegion

(FADEIN: to the ESEN RINGSIDE desk, where CALDWELLER and DREWES in focus on the panned out studio view. DREWES smiles for the camera and takes her cue. . .)

DREWES: “Now, one of the more interesting matches of this evening was the one-on-one scheduled encounter between the ‘Keeper of All Secrets’ LEGION and ‘The Pacific Blitzkrieg’ KERRY KUROYAMA. Both individuals had seen more than their fair share of each other during the Army of Darkness and Fellowship encounters, but with both of those units fractured and frayed. . . a little more individual pride and glory was on the line tonight.”

CALDWELLER: “Definitely a different dynamic when you have a veteran psychotic facing off against a relative newcomer trying to go about their business the right way in the New Frontier.”

DREWES: “Considering all the metaphorical nooks and crannies in this one, we’re actually going to take a little hop, skip and a jump to DEEP SPACE FIVE with none other than WILDSTAR to help us break down this match!”

(CUTTO: WILDSTAR standing in another section of the studio with a large screen behind splicing highlights of both LEGION and KERRY KUROYAMA making their way to ringside, LEGION flanked by THE GRAVEROBBERS and KUROYAMA slapping hands with a few fans.)

WILDSTAR: “And Wendy, I think you hit the nail on the head from the outset as both wrestlers through their various machinations were determined to come out ahead in this one and possibly position themselves in the various title races in play in the New Frontier. Early on, you could tell that the technical prowess and wrestling acumen of Kerry Kuroyama would keep things in his favor as long as he could keep the match under his control. But you know how it is with Legion, control is a . . . (WILDSTAR counts in his head for a moment) seven-letter word he’s against! He’s all about the (flashes his famous hand sign) FIVE letter word CHAOS.”

(ACTION MONTAGE! KUROYAMA and LEGION locking up with KUROYAMA grabbing a side headlock and takink down LEGION. . . KUROYAMA leapfrogging over a charging LEGION and catching him with a rebound hiptoss to the mat! KUROYAMA planting a dropkick on the jaw of LEGION. . . and then another DROPKICK! KUROYAMA keeping his eyes peeled as BANDIT places a knee on the apron, perhaps trying to fake out KUROYAMA. . . CUTTO: Back to WILDSTAR watching the same highlights on the big screen and pointing at BANDIT.)

WILDSTAR: “And you could tell that Kerry Kuroyama was prepared for the inevitable distractions at ringside with the Graverobbers. The Black Market is a tight unit, but one that’s a little off the rails from their tag-team title loss to the Chromatic Dragons. Bandit and Devastator pulled out a few stops to stay in the good graces of their de-facto leader, and maybe to send a message to both Omega Zero and Jack Harmen for the later matches in the evening.”

(HIGHLIGHT MONTAGE! KUROYAMA bouncing off the ropes, but getting his foot tugged by DEVASTATOR. . . KUROYAMA shakes off the distraction, but leaves himself open to a running knee from LEGION! LEGION tossing KUROYAMA out of the ring and distracting Referee MARCUS ROBINSON to allow nearly seven pounds of stomping force from the GRAVEROBBERS to take place on KUROYAMA’s body and head! LEGION bringing in KUROYAMA with a Vertical Suplex and rollover pin for only a two count! CUTTO: Back to WILDSTAR. . .)

WILDSTAR: “So, as the match wore on, I think we saw a little bit of Kerry Kuroyama’s patience wearing thin.”

(QUICK CUTTO: KUROYAMA watching LEGION on all fours, a telestrator starts drawing arrows and attention to BANDIT climbing on the apron.)

WILDSTAR: (V/O) “Now, I can’t fault that attitude with the Emerald City Eliminator, I kinda like the fire as we watch him kick BANDIT’s face halfway from Sunday. . . but there’s LEGION with a roll-up and hook of the tights and near fall!”

(QUICK CUTTO cnt’d: KUROYAMA scrambling out of the roll-up, taking a kick to the gut and DDT from LEGION! FREEZE-FRAME on LEGION smiling like a devil as the telestrator circles his head. . .)

WILDSTAR: (V/O) “And now you’re falling into this guy’s mental traps. And this is the trap for alot of wrestlers like Kerry, they want to fight the good fight. . . but sometimes there’s too many good fights surrounding the important fight to really worry about. I know that first-hand considering how I got retired by Dorchester Stratton.”

(SPLIT-SCREEN CUTTO: CALDWELLER in CAMERA-ONE focus, while WILDSTAR stands in front of his screen showing DEVASTATOR clotheslining KUROYAMA outside the ring. . .)

CALDWELLER: “There’s been alot of insider chatter about both these guys, ‘Star. Moreso with Kerry Kuroyama, alot of us are wondering if a win tonight would propel him into title contention and what his odds are of pulling off any gold before the year is out.”

WILDSTAR: “Well, anything’s possible in the NEW FRONTIER, Ted. I’d argue that with Eddie Mayfield making some Presidential moves on behalf of the Black Market tonight -- that we may want to worry about Legion more than anyone else. To me, Kerry Kuroyama has the game necessary to succeed in the ring. He’s been able to handle the press, the promotional demands fairly well thus far. What will be interesting is when he’s faced with either a major challenge in the ring skills department, or similarly to some great technicians in this fed. . . sometimes the violent, hardcore style wins out in certain environments and that type of failure can be frustrating.”

DREWES: “And speaking of that, that brings us to the finish here, ‘Star…”

WILDSTAR: “Yes, and (shakes his head) I NEVER could wrap my head around weirdo savants like Legion, where at the 14-minute mark, after a bout of offense on K2, Legion had just set Kuroyama up for a scoop and a slam, and was going up for the LEGIONARES’ DISEASE Insane Phoenix Cyclone Splash, and went up top and just kind of … ZONED OUT, Wendy, he perched on the top rope just staring at K2, and instead of leaping, he started calling for him to get up! Kuroyama after a while finally staggered to his feet and leaped RIGHT into K2 for a Flying Bodypress that Kuroyama twisted into a Powerslam--AND A PINFALL! Kuroyama gets the win, his hand raised… and Legion grabs his other arm and raises it along with the ref! I gotta tell you, I have NO idea what goes on in that man’s mind.”

DREWES: “Well whatever Legion is cooking has just propped Kerry Kuroyama further up the ladder here in NFW, so chaos doesn’t always have to be a burning house, it could also take the form of Legion getting in a young rookies’ head after an odd win. Thanks ‘Star - we’ll be right back!”


Greg HerpinTeddy AlexanderLeyenda de Ocho

(FADEIN: to the ESEN RINGSIDE desk, where CALDWELLER and DREWES are shuffling papers as we come back in, CAMERA-READY ONE on WENDY DREWES.)

DREWES: “Okay, one of the HOTTEST roads on the New Frontier the past year has been the boiling-over difference of opinion between NFW Triple-Crown Champion LEYENDA De OCHO and the man that does not want him to continue breathing, TEDDY ALEXANDER. Almost a year ago, Teddy Alexander suffered injuries that saw him leave NFW for a moment of time where we didn’t think we’d see him ever again, but MAN, he came back, and the NFW 2012 Rookie of the Year and UWA Graduate got RIGHT into a BOSSFIGHT against the Cartridge Cruiser! Now, we’re on the precipice of a giant title defense and you add in President Mayfield’s flair for the dramatic, an angry ex-referee and an extended hospital stay and career-threatening injuries, Ted, that’s a bisque that’s boiling off of the stove.”

CALDWELLER: “You got that right - the high energy and prestige that has happened to the Triple-Crown division is a divine lining up of several things: one, the legacy of Rook Black and the National Championship seguing into the Triple-Crown, Rook Black creating the ingenious NFW “Smart Belt”, and the victory over Rook Black by Ocho, and let’s not forget to add the Nintendo Licensing agreement and Leyenda’s soaring popularity has made the ‘Triforce’ if not as important or maybe more than the Television Championship, Wendy. You look at the Murderer’s Row of contenders lining up for this belt - Obviously Teddy, but then you have Kuroyama, Langston, Commissioner Windham, Legion even, (laughs) they’re lining up to get at the chance to wear that state of the art belt, Wendy!”

DREWES: (Nodding) “Well President Mayfield went on record saying he wouldn’t put a match of that firepower on a BRAWL, so we’re going to have an honest-to-goodness CONTRACT SIGNING for RELOADED DOUBLE-DEUCE between the Champ and the Number One Contender, and we’re going to show it right here in its’ entirety! Let’s cut to the footage with Lamont Hollywood and Kerry O’Connor on sticks.”

(CUTTO: The BRAWL ring, which has a well-made dark wood table set up in the middle of it, on top of a crimson red mat, and two rolling executive chairs are on either side of them. In the chairs, is LEYENDA De OCHO wearing a green LEGEND OF ZELDA Tracksuit with a matching mask that has OG 8-Bit Link holding up the Triforce on the front, his beard jutting out from the bottom of the mask. On the other side is TEDDY ALEXANDER, wearing a ‘1UP OCHO tee’ with the arms ripped off, and duct tape covering his mouth! Standing next to him is GREG HERPIN, in mid-rant holding a NFW mic and stabbing his fingers in the air, motioning to the NFW triple-crown Smartbelt which is folded next to OCHO on the table. There is a leather folder with documents on the table as well. The crowd is HOT!)

GREG HERPIN: "--The New Frontier Wrestling Triple Crown Championship was born from three titles with enormous heritage. They were culminated into the title which was held by FUTURE New Frontier Hall of Famer, Rook Black. Born into prestigious hands and defended with honour, skill and integrity, the NFW Triple Crown title is a belt to aspire towards. And after all this time, after the seriously insulting amount of time you've held that Championship belt, you finally put it on the line against a man who is WORTHY to hold the title."

(HERPIN pats TEDDY on the chest and hands the pen over to LEYENDA DE OCHO, who doesn't take it from his grasp.)

GREG HERPIN: "And when you take that pen, and you put your John Hancock against the legally binding document you do the first credible deed you have done since you defeated Rook Black for that belt, Leyenda. You do the very first thing that gives you credibility for the ENTIRE duration of your reign. You face a REAL challenger for the title. You face the Kaiju. You face Teddy Alexander."

(OCHO snarls as HERPIN holds the pen out for him to take.)

GREG HERPIN: "Get it over and done with, Ocho. Put your name down. Give yourself some respect back and put your name down. You might've defiled it with your idiotic video game console on the face of that prestigious title. You might have insulted it by making stupid references to said video games. But you cannot-- WILL NOT destroy the rich history of it's glory. PROVE your mettle, boy. SHOW that belt means a damn to you. LET the NFW Nation know you're the hero they think you are."

(Stepping forward, TEDDY gets in OCHO's face. He reaches up and pulls the tape off his mouth. It unveils a snarl. He looks down beside him, seeing the pen in HERPIN's grip and snatches it from his grasp. He pushes it into OCHO's chest.)

TEDDY ALEXANDER: "Sign - the f(FCC)king - CONTRACT!"

(TEDDY grabs OCHO's wrist and pushes the pen into his hand before closing his hand over it so as not to drop it.)

(OCHO pulls his arm away from Teddy’s grasp with a jolt, causing the crowd’s pulsing hum to grow a bit. With his left hand, he picks up the mic, staring unblinkingly into Teddy’s face.)

LDO: “I fought damn hard to win this championship. Rook Black is one of the all-time pillars of this company, and for five years, no one could truly stand up to him. I worked harder than I ever have in my life to take the fight to him and maneuver the jaws of fate to wrap around him, even if it meant the end of me - and Herpin, if you say one more time that I’m a disgrace to this championship, I’ll put you in the same hospital Teddy Alexander sent me to in Chicago.”

(The crowd POPS at the unexpectedly sharp tone to LEYENDA DE OCHO’s words! He pauses a moment, blinks twice, and resumes.)

LDO: “This has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? You’ve wanted only one thing out of me - you’ve EXPECTED, one THING, out of me. Well, Ted? …be careful what you wish for.”

(OCHO scribbles an ultrafast ‘LDO’ on the contract before THROWING THE PEN IN HERPIN’S FACE and FLIPPING THE TABLE ONTO TEDDY! Ocho IMMEDIATELY leaps over and starts throwing shots to TEDDY! Overcoming the initial shock, TEDDY rolls over and stars throwing hammer blows of his own! HERPIN, stunned, backs away! OCHO and TEDDY throwing nothing but right hands at each other, trying to get the upper hand! NFW officials POUR out of the back - but they can’t pull the two away so easily! Rights and lefts and rights and lefts! The crowd going FULL ON BERSERKER! TEDDY with five men on him, pulling him into a corner - OCHO with three, pulling him to an opposite corner! HERPIN somehow found his way to the mat, crawling on fours, trying to find his way out! BOTH MEN BREAK FREE AND RUN AT EACH OTHER AGAIN!! TEDDY with a HUGE clubbing elbow to OCHO, which staggers him! OCHO recovers and tries to go for a double leg take down! More NFW officials pour out the back, doing their best to rip these blood-rivals apart - A SLOPPY MEAT-FISTED BRAWL ON THE GROUND, NFW SHIRTS SURROUNDING THEM! FINALLY the officials find a way to pull them apart - somewhere in the chaos, HERPIN took a shot to the cheek and he’s holding the side of his face! TEDDY grinning like a BLOOD-THIRSTY ANIMAL, OCHO with a look of PURE FEROCITY in his eyes! NFW officials seem to finally have gotten things under control - HERPIN doing his damndest to crawl his way through the ring and escape up the ramp.

…OCHO BREAKS FREE! He uses HERPIN as a springboard and hits a CRAZY-STIFF-AND-MAYBE-A-SHOOT SHINING WIZARD ON TEDDY!! ALEXANDER is down!! OCHO rolls out of the ring, scrambling to grab the Triple Crown Championship! He finds his way to the ramp and lifts up the Smartbelt to INSANE CROWD NOISE! TEDDY looks up at OCHO maniacally, a wild and sadistic smile across his face with a few trickles of blood running down his mouth! FADEOUT.)


(FADEIN: The ESEN RINGSIDE studio where the announce team is in silhuouette -- and there’s an extra person sitting at the desk! As the lights come up we see it’s CRAIG MURRAY, from UWA CREATIVE. MURRAY is an early-forties African-American man with a short ceasar cut with well-curated waves, twin diamonds in his earlobes and wearing a checkered purple shirt and charcoal blazer, no tie. We CUTTO: DREWES who returns from break nodding through the end of a conversation.)

DREWES: “And we’re back on the case here, recapping BRAWL 74, but we’re going to take a pause for the cause (smirks) as we take a virtual trip down I-95 and after a quick pit-stop at Tony Luke’s for a Wiz with cheesesteak sandwich…”

MURRAY: (Laughing) “It’s obvious you’re not from Philly, Wend!”

DREWES: (nodding) “You know, after years of doing the vegetarian thing, my Yogi told me “You know what, you should probably switch back to meat--and SHUT UP TED”--”

CALDWELLER: “Your Yogi told me to shut up?”

MURRAY: “Ya’ll are insane.”

DREWES: “Just cutting him off at the pass, there--but anyway YES, Cheesesteaks mean two things: ONE: Visit to Philly, TWO: Ultimate Wrestling Alliance! And we have the “Troubleshooter” in-studio with us right now to give us a quick look into the NFW Development Houses’ HOT 6! What’s news, Craig?”

MURRAY: “You know what, when I was splitting an athletic dorm with Avery Prosser back when we were at Penn State, and the Shadowrunners stepped through a portal in the hallway phone booth and told me that in 2014 I’d be sitting here talking about UWA, I told Tod Destiny to have my man Kenny down the hall, a REAL barber--fade him up real nice, (DREWES laughs) and then that they were buggin’! (Laughs) But it is what it is ya’ll, UWA is as hot as it’s ever been, but just in a different format now! And these six scrappers are the guys clawing at gold and when THAT happens, they can’t be long for the phone call from Eddie Mayfield that everyone in that lockerroom looks forward to receiving.”

DREWES: “Well, there’s a FEW changes in your hot six this time right? And some notable absences?”

MURRAY (Nodding) “Yeah, yeah, So let’s get it in! (INSET appears, which grows to FULL SCREEN - UWA promotional photos of young talent against a black background with the faint glimpse of cyclone fencing behind them. “Fuckin’ Problems [Radio Version]” by A$AP Rocky, Drake, 2CHAINZ and Kendrick Lamar plays in the BG!) NUMBER SIX, is the dude you guys saw back at the RELOADED 18 Philly Showcase, ‘EPIC’ DEVON EPOCH, who since you saw him last, has lied cheated and extorted his way into contention for the CORSAIR Title, the 24/7 Hardcore belt currently held by ‘The Smartest Kid on Earth’ Skottie Smart! Skottie is a 11-time champ, his reigns are getting stacked by the randomness of his ‘defenses’, usually involving getting jumped on South Street or cornered into a match outside of Bucks County WaWa’s, then regaining the strap! (laughs) The last round with Epoch and Smart involved a golf-cart, a family of geese and a golf caddy! One to definitely watch.”

(IMAGE: A dark-skinned black dude who looks like a deflated R-Truth, who has a nose piercing and a blowout afro ‘do, wearing a WWII-style utility belt/suspenders and no shirt, and beige fatigues! He’s covered in face-to-toe tats, and scowls at the camera with a gold grill.)

MURRAY: “Number 5, THIS kid . . . (shakes head) Straight out of New Orleans, a young street tough, then Katrina victim, found his way into wrestling with a hardcore street style, growing up emulating Saafir Muhammed from the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and also having a love for the History Channel - ‘ART OF WAR’ DeSean Gibbs went on a hot streak during the winter, putting out 4 guys on his way to a hot showdown with MOSSBERG, who is notably absent from the rankings…”

CALDWELLER: “Sources say that he’s left the business, nothing else on that.”

MURRAY: “Right - now I’m not exactly sure, but the UWA Road Agents tell me that he wasn’t exactly happy about his time in NFW and then footing it back to Philly to get wrecked by guys like Gibbs left him more than a tad frustrated, and left us with a huge damage estimate from him wrecking venues after tough losses! In any rate, not sure how Gibbs could play out in NFW, but he’s still got a ways to go.”
(IMAGE: A tightly-packed, broad chested stout mixed Japanese/Black woman with a punky fire-red, purple and Tron-blue swoopy haircut, who has a tattoo of a flaming sword running across her cleavage, wearing a white/red/orange Joshi-style open robe, over white sportstop, boyshorts and white fishnets, kneepads/kickpads and boots with repeating flaming swords on them. She yells out at the camera, her combat-padded hands outstretched!)


MURRAY: “Ok, Number four, is the HOTNESS in the UWA Women’s division, this bundle of C4 explosive is MIYOKO STRANGE, the ‘Flaming Broadsword’. YO, if you have been checking out UWA Pirate TV telecasts, you know about how Strange put LIFEGUARD MISSY in Pennsylvania Hospital for an extended stay after that brutal STRANGE FRUIT Strangle-Ace Crusher finish of hers, and since then the ladies have been keeping their distance from her, and man, WOULDN’T YOU? (laughs! CALDWELLER nods) The resident lady of NFW Lucky Seven who we’ll peep later tonight here was the standard-bearer in UWA as Women’s Champ, but Miyoko is on her way in and is favored in a Round Robin tournament for the vacated strap, which we’ll find the winner at UWA FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET on ippv and ESENStream next week! I love the Joshi influence in Miyoko.”

DREWES: “Wasn’t she the SLICE-USA import that upended that whole company?”

MURRAY: “Yep, this is her - she DOES. NOT. PLAY. I’m real excited to see what she does in Philly with a title around her waist.”

CALDWELLER: “So Craig, Number three and two are an interesting case study, considering they’re TWIN BROTHERS…”

DREWES: (Shifting in her chair) “TELL ME MORE, CRAIG MURRAY.”

(IMAGE: SPLIT-SCREEN, two modern-style “Chippendale” body-type white guys with frosted spiked hair, one covered in scars all over his body, the other covered in tattoos and a expertly-manucured hipster beard and ear spacers! They both are bloody messes, smiling and looking down their noses at the camera. Interestingly enough, both have halves of the UWA World Tagteam title belts on their shoulders.)

MURRAY: “Right, the TWIN TERRORS, CJ and CHAMBERS LAMBERT, these two guys are the Number 3 and 2 seeds in contention for August De La Rossi’s TWO-YEAR and counting stranglehold on the UWA World Championship - if they don’t kill each other first. (laughs) That’s right, SIBLING RIVALRY is the hottest feud in UWA right now, as these two guys are trying to KILL each other as CJ turned on ‘Cham’ and as they fight over who gets the next shot at August, they also can’t seem to stop being tagteam champions.”

CALDWELLER: “Youtube views on their promos and matches are higher than Skottie Smart and referee Aubrey Andrew’s reality-tv series about defending the Corsair title!”

MURRAY: “Right - and THAT is my jam right now! Either of these guys have the look to put them in the spotlight very soon - just hope there’s something left of them before they break out! And that leads us to #1, and you’re gonna hate me for this…”

(IMAGE: AUGUST De La ROSSI, wearing a douchey hipster outfit with a beanie sitting on the back of his head holding back his ratty whiteboy dreads, dark hipster sunglasses and holding up the UWA ORIGINAL GOLD AND PLATINUM BELT that is defaced and covered in pro-life, pro-recycling and other annoying bumper stickers such as ‘ITHICA IS GORGES’ and things of that ilk)


MURRAY: “August De La Rossi is the ‘Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast’ Champion, and also drives an electric car, and ALSO his patchouli smell makes me gag, but he’s the most hated wrestler in UWA and also the most popular! I think the only thing keeping Eddie Mayfield from bringing him back in to NFW is holding a grudge from the Windham Clan invasion, but that doesn’t explain Peter Windham…”

DREWES: “Or maybe that’s the PERFECT explanation?”

MURRAY: “Good point.”

DREWES: “And this is a great as place as any to pluf UWA FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET, hitting your eyes this weekend - ORDER IT! Right, Craig?”

MURRAY: “BELIEVE THE HYPE! (Laughs) Ted, where’s your shirt, man?” (CALDWELLER holds up a UWA Bell/XBONES tee and waves it like a flag!)

CALDWELLER: “Right here, ‘Shooter!”

MURRAY: “That’s what’s up.”

DREWES: “Be right back - don’t go anywhere!”


Shaniqua CarltonMike RandallsLamont Hollywood

(FADEIN: Jostling, bumped NFW FAN-CAM footage from what the Youtubers would say looking like it was ‘filmed with a potato’, of SHANIQUA CARLTON sashaying down the BRAWL ramp, followed behind a few yards by MALIK ANDERSON in his Alternative Outfit Streetfighter IV BALROG-styled short-sleeved boxing robe, head deep underneath a satin hood, ANDERSON slaps a few hands--HARD on the way down! All we hear is wolf-whistles and ‘WOOS’ from the cameraman just tracking her booty, not ANDERSON!)

DREWES: “Okay we are back, and speaking of BACK, “oh my GOD, TED, LOOK AT HER BUTT.”

CALDWELLER (Pantomiming a whip over his head) “Whu-PISSH!”

DREWES: “We’re back LIVE from ESEN studios, on the majestic 4th floor of ESEN Global here in New York, where we have a beautiful view from my office window of a brick wall and a HVAC unit, but Ted, when you think of Brick Houses, all thoughts turn to Shaniqua Carlton and her caboose, and the ONLY reason I’m still talking about this is that i’m INSANELY jealous! (Laughs) And what Momma Carlton gave her in the backside, she left some for her brain because she’s no dummy. Shaniqua Carlton and her newly-licensed CARLTON AGENCY is trying its damndest to get Malik Anderson on the singles title map, but tonight was no easy road to run through - at RELOADED DOUBLE-DEUCE, there’s been a mandated classic THREE-WAY DANCE, and those rules have two men start off in the match, and ten minutes later the third man comes in FRESH as a daisy! So the strategy is to pin that guy and end the match before number three shows up, or you’ve just prolonged your night! This special ten-minute challenge is to find out just who gets the breather in the TV title match three-way versus Dorchester Stratton: Blaine Hollywood or Malik…”

CALDWELLER: “Devin Millwood retweeted some angry tweets all with the same tone of ‘how dare us put a match like this on a BRAWL’, but as can be seen by how STACKED this show was, it’s gotta go SOMEWHERE! I really think Malik and Blaine would have been fine fighting out in front of The Butcher’s BBQ Pit in the parking lot - I don’t think it would have made a difference, but that’s just showing that the NFW NATION wants to see these guys beat each other senseless.”

DREWES: “I hear that, Ted, and with that said, the clock was gonna be TICKING fast during this match, and Lamont Hollywood wouldn’t shut up about that! Marking time, strategy, and also taking the time to make some lewd comments about Shaniqua all on Blaine’s way down to the ring. HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY got the ire of the Houston crowd QUICKLY, as Blaine got de-frocked of his robe by his daddy, then got in Malik’s face immediately and blew up the crowd after Malik KNOCKED HIM FLAT via a hard left! Several more fists to Blaine’s face had him bouncing like a superball all over the ring as Blaine at one point was laying over the bottom rope, making Lamont check his mouth for loose teeth! (Laughs) Malik is FOCUSED and Blaine has a lot of receipts people want to cash in on.”

CALDWELLER: “Which we’ll see shortly!”

DREWES: “Right! Blaine finally took on an offense in this match and he tried his best to work over Malik’s back, Malik countering, in a sort of way by doing the same - Malik’s Anderson bloodline coming into play to destroy a man by targeting a bodypart, Blaine simply softening him up for THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT, that wicked Backstabber finisher of his, when at about the 7:45 mark, A misstep by the former Hollywood Wrecking Crew powerhouse turned into a pumphandle backbreaker that ALMOST got Blaine the pinfall. The tempo slid back and forth but at the 9:00 mark the crowd was on their feet and both of these guys were on rapid-fire turbo mode, pulling super impact moves out of their pocket and going for pins, that were broken up at at twos and two-point-fives! Finally after a volley of reversals and RE-REVERSALS, Blaine has Malik dead-to-rights after an irish-whip, leapfrog push-off into the ropes had Blaine behind Malik, and Blaine jumped up for the Backstabber, but Malik held onto the ropes, sending Blaine crashing to the mat, and after an ill-timed pickup line from Lamont at ringside, Shaniqua blasted Daddy Hollywood BACK to La-La land! In the confusion, none other than MIKE RANDALLS ran out of the back, stpped into the ring, and as Blaine sat up, RANDALLS, CAVED IN BLAINE’S SKULL with a WICKED Rolling Gamen Savatte Kick that smacked so loud, everything stopped in the ring!

CALDWELER: “Now THAT’S Strong Style.”

DREWES: “Before the ref could see, Randalls rolled right out the other side of the ring, leaving Malik to drop down and cover Blaine, staring back at Randalls as he backed up the aisle with 10 seconds left! Malik Anderson gets the win, and gets to come in fresh ar DOUBLE DEUCE after ten minutes, and who knows how this knot of Mike Randalls, Blaine Malik and Dorchester Stratton gets more tangled! Be right back.”


Xavier LangstonCastor Strife

(FADEIN: Back in ESEN TV studios with a panned out shot of WENDY DREWES and TED CALDWELLER at the ready. . . the camera slowly closes in on DREWES as she takes her cue.)

DREWES: “Welcome back to ESEN RINGSIDE with Wendy Drewes, Ted Caldweller and later on. . . NATRONE RICE of the NFW BRAWL! But first we’re going to get back in the STARSCOPE and check back in WILDSTAR as we go over the next match. This was one that had more than a few fans excited as ‘DA MAN’ XAVIER LANGSTON fresh off a battle against CANCER came face-to-face with the man that’s changed CANCER’S world lately - CASTOR STRIFE!”

CALDWELLER: “That’s right, the open contract in CASTOR’s possession now has been weaponized as an ultimatum to Pat Black and certainly a cause for alarm for the newly formed WALKING DEAD. Jack Harmen and Calvin Carlton certainly are keeping that World Championship close and sung like a newborn. . .”

DREWES: “Literally at that.”

CALDWELLER: “And they probably watched this one on the monitors closely.”

DREWES: “Well, let’s check-in with the FIVE-STAR studio analyst and maybe the only man in the world that watched his monitors with an even closer eye. WILDSTAR. . .”

(SPLIT-SCREEN CUTTO: WILDSTAR standing in front of a large video screen that’s running highlights clips of both LANGSTON and STRIFE during their introductions. CAMERA-1 in studio remains on DREWES. . .)

DREWES: “You really were excited as we saw something that’s got to be great for you to watch. With your headmaster backslash trainer’s role in the various NFW environs and feeder systems you certainly saw an early days CASTOR STRIFE, but now as you watch your son compete in the UWA and your work with many YOUNG LIONS over the years. . . XAVIER LANGSTON getting his due isn’t something that surprises you.”

WILDSTAR: “Not at all, Wendy! Xavier Langston makes up for his size in determination, fearlessness and A WILL that has him facing off against one of the greatest in NFW’s storied history - CASTOR STRIFE! But also exciting is to watch CASTOR STRIFE get back in that ring and on the general’s horse. This one really was an opportunity on both ends - could Castor make a statment? Or would DA MAN defeat what some believe is THE MAN in NFW.”

(ACTION MONTAGE! LANGSTON and STRIFE locking up, chain wrestling with some armdrag takedowns and side headlock counters. . . LANGSTON catching STRIFE with a dropkick flush on the jaw! STRIFE dodging out of the turnbuckled corner as LANGSTON flies in, but manages to land his feet on the middle turnbuckles . . . STRIFE turns right around into a jumping side kick to the head!)

WILDSTAR: (V/O) “I really liked the gameplan of Langston in this one, he had the speed advantage and used that quickness. . . that agility to keep Castor off his mark in the early going. There’s a lot of tape to glean Castor’s strategy against cruiserweights, but what separates Castor in 2014 than 2001 is his ability to improvise on the big stage.”

(QUICK CUTTO: LANGSTON rapid fire kicking CASTOR in the corner, he backs up and crashes in with a side elbow strike! LANGSTON crouches, coiling up to CASTOR’s side as STRIFE staggers out. . . LANGSTON comes in for a running bulldog attempt, but CASTOR torques it around and crotches ‘DA MAN’ over the top ropes! The crowd gives a mixed reaction as a big boot from STRIFE knocks LANGSTON out of the ring!)

WILDSTAR: (V/O) “Now one thing that Langston may need to come to grips with is the fact that the locker room mentality of NFW is pretty much the Wild West. You speak up, you call someone out. . . it’s not so much the violence that’s unexpected in return, but moreso. . . the pointed effort to humble.”

(ACTION MONTAGE! LANGSTON getting rammed repeatedly into the apron backfirst by CASTOR! CASTOR body slamming LANGSTON onto the ringsteps! CASTOR kneeling and giving a few light slaps to the side of LANGSTON’s head as he’s sprawled on the steps. . . CASTOR ramming LANGSTON’s back into the ringpost avalanche-style! STRIFE bringing in LANGSTON the hard way back into the ring with a suplex rollover close pinfall!)

DREWES: (V/O) “Yeah, this match tore down the house, but tore up the crowd a little bit from what we saw in-studio. . .”

WILDSTAR: (V/O) “Well, Wendy. . . Castor’s got an ego.”

CALDWELLER: (V/O) “Understatement of the year.”

WILDSTAR: (V/O) “Hey, Langston is no slouch in the department either.”

DREWES: (V/O) “Castor was showing a bit of an ‘edge’ to Xavier that even some of his recent quote unquote playa hatas weren’t cheering for.”

(HIGHLIGHTS MONTAGE! CASTOR taking a series of forearms shots from a rising LANGSTON, but counters it with a knee to the gut and ornery hair-pull that whiplashes DA MAN back down on the mat! CASTOR hitting a series of repeated front backbreakers, trying to break LANGSTON in half across his knee by pressing down on his chin and quad. . . CASTOR cinching in a bear hug! LANGSTON thunder-clapping out, but CASTOR counters with an Inverted Atomic Drop and running clothesline that flips out LANGSTON! CUTTO: Back to ‘STAR in DEEP SPACE FIVE. . . a highlight of CASTOR hammering LANGSTON seated on the turnbuckles. . .)

WILDSTAR: “Yeah, Castor had Langston in-focus and was ready to potentially cut the scene, but Xavier Langston’s propensity and desire to prove people wrong. . . has a WILL of its own, I’m telling you! DON’T FIGHT THE LAW!”

(SLO-MOTION ACTION REPLAY! LANGSTON elbowing CASTOR as they both stand on the turnbuckles, LANGSTON jumps off and hits a modified HART ATTACK CLOTHESLINE to take CASTOR down to the mat! REAL-TIME kicks in as LANGSTON crawls over, goes for the pin and gets a two point NINE!)

CALDWELLER: (V/O) “I legit thought we saw the upset of 2014 right there.”

WILDSTAR: (V/O) “Yeah, you could watch the TOYOTA CENTER jump like they got a Corolla in a commercial. . .”

(CUTTO: LANGSTON charging out for the ‘WHO SHOT YA’ bicycle kick, but CASTOR ducks! LANGSTON turns around and takes a boot to the gut. . . DIRECTOR’S CUT BY CASTOR! (Snap Swinging Neckbreaker) CASTOR’s eyes loll as he drapes an arm over LANGSTON. . . and gets the THREE COUNT! CUTTO: Back to WILDSTAR shaking his head, but smiling all the same.)

WILDSTAR: “And unfortunately, Xavier Langston made one small mistake and Castor Strife scores on big pinfall to really get some momentum on his side in my opinion. It wasn’t too long ago that he got spiked onto the hood of a car, which took him out for a couple of weeks. Now he’s got the RANDOM RUMBLE mojo and looking like he’s still on all cylinders physically. For Xavier Langston . . . it’s not a win, but he held his own for about twenty minutes with one of the greatest wrestling superstars on the planet. That’s going to keep him on a few radars after RELOADED 22. Back to you Ted and Wendy!”

(As ‘STAR points, the screen cuts and we head back to. . .)


Peter WindhamLes Enfants SauvageIll Fortune

(PAN-OUT on the ESEN STUDIO desk with WENDY DREWES and TED CALDWELLER. CALDWELLER is checking his smartphone and nodding. DREWES is watching him with a smirk. . .)

DREWES: “Got something there, Ted?”

CALDWELLER: “Remember that tag team I was mentioning earlier? The hipsters have names - LAURENT COLE and SKYLAR SCOTT. . . LES ENFANTS SAW. . . SOW. . . hmm. . .”

DREWES: “Holy Anne Hathaway with a buzzcut, spit it out!”


DREWES: “Kerry O’Connor is going to need tongue push-ups for that one, and Lamont Hollywood if you’re watching. . . I don’t want to hear your joke. But that’s going to be raising the notches up on the tag-team division that’s just had one of the best matches of the year crown new champions. But before we get to the SOLO GAMBIT fallout, we did have DIRTY DEEDS and ILL FORTUNE going up against each other based off a stream of trashtalk coming out of the mouths of ALEX AUSTIN and COMMISSIONER PETER WINDHAM.”

CALDWELLER: “Well, the things that Peter Windham’s been putting out on NFW FILMS makes the midnight crew at Cinemax blush. But I’m starting to feel for the guy ‘cause Royce Ramsey and Lane Cash aren’t helping him put his money where his mouth is.”

DREWES: “Definitely a strong showing for Austin and Lucky Seven as they set their sights and re-engaged their artillery. Austin has to be one of the best mat technicians in NEW FRONTIER. Lucky 7. . . well, she did kick some ass tonight with Cash and certainly Windham when he put himself in the wrong crossfire. You could tell that Austin and Seven avoided situations with Ramsey having an advantage on her at all costs.”

CALDWELLER: “Well, Ramsey’s ring aptitude got him in trouble against her. . . and she blasted him with a kick to the skull that sent him seven ways from Sunday.”

DREWES: “That got Ramsey on a knee for her ‘WITCH HUNTER’ shining wizard. . . AUSTIN tagged in and locks in the ANACONDA and ROLLS ‘ROYCE’ was out of gas and tapping. Good victory for ILL FORTUNE and with another new tag-team is LES ENFANTS. . . “


DREWES: “SAUVAGE. . . (CALDWELLER is shamed) I’m really excited for what the FUTURE may hold for the EMT TITLES by the time we get to FUTURESHOCK TWO. We’re going to take a quick break, then break down the two big daddies left! OMEGA ZERO vs. BANDIT and JACK HARMEN vs. DEVASTATOR! Could the GRAVEROBBERS turn two? Find out NEXT.”


Omega ZeroBanditAncalagon

(LONG PAN of the ESEN RINGSIDE set, where we’re joined by a seated CALDWELLER, WILD(5)STAR and WENDY DREWES who’s chuckling to herself as we close in on DREWES then CUTTO CAMERA-1!)

DREWES: “And we’re back on this special hour-long BRAWLSTALLMENT of NFW Houston action, and if you thought everything was bigger in Texas, you’d be right, except when you’re dealing with two MONSTERS who are as big as the Texas sky! One half of the newly-minted EMT Tagteam Champion CHROMATIC DRAGONS, the big silver-maned behemoth, OMEGA ZERO stepped over Dallas and sat down inside Houston and did battle with the longest-reigning big man in NFW history, BANDIT, ex-EMT Champion, and fun fact, has been a tagteam champion on two seperate occassions - and the theme of the solo contest is to see just WHEN the Graverobbers would get their rematch, Ted.”

CALDWELLER: “Bandit has held those straps on two seperate occassions yes - once with MALIK ANDERSON of all people (WILDSTAR shakes his head) at the crumbly, explosivey detonation of Calvin Carlton’s DYNASTY faction, and then more recently with Devastator and the current Black Market cabal - make no mistakes, Bandit KNOWS how to hold gold!”

DREWES: “Anything to add to that ‘Star?”

WILDSTAR: (Shaking his head) “I can’t count how many times I’ve been knocked out by Bandit. I can’t also count how many times i’ve had my throat squeezed by him and hefted EIGHT FEET IN THE AIR by him. Thinking about him facing someone JUST AS BIG as he is-maybe bigger is frightening, but I know no one is getting tossed around the ring as maybe the result of ME being in there, but I’ll go on and say it - I’m HERE FOR THE HOSS FIGHT! (Laughs)”

DREWES: “That has to go without saying, as The White Dragon goes man to man with Bandit, and I’m sure this wouldn’t be a 60-minute classic, just bombs thrown and bodies blown up!”

WILDSTAR: “Right - speaking of blown up, the conditioning of guys this big is really remarkable, though Zero still has youth on his side and Bandit is conditioned and worn-in like a 30-year old bike jacket.”

(Suddenly, we hear that 2400 BPS MODEM sound crackle over the speakers! DREWES stacks papers as NATRON RICE’S profile appears in an inset on the screen)

RICE: “Hey, don’t throw those AOL discs out! I’m gonna copy my saves of DOOM on those!”

DREWES: “And as usual, we our joined by the captain of the MOTHERSHIP, the rolling steel studio known to all and sundry as BRAWLOPTIMUS PRIME - Our guy Natrone Rice, and Natrone, I’m hope you can give us a quick sitrep on this Omega Zero/Bandit contest…”

RICE: “Yo guys - and WHATTUP ‘STAR! (WILDSTAR gives him the ‘sup’ nod, then flashes teeth) I don’t have to tell you that the Everette Memorial Tradition tag belts are a HOT commodity with names like the Hollywood Wrecking Crew, SUPAFLYYYYYYY, My dude ‘Star and Akita Hoshi... even the two-seconds long tagteam of Blaine Hollywood and ROOK BLACK bring MAD FLAVA to the tagteam rankings, and I didn’t ever think I’d see ANYBODY beat the Graverobbers, who were encroaching on the legacy of Blaine and Malik with those belts - give or take another year, but YO, these ChromDrags are where it’s at right now, and even though I used to play a little D&D back in the day, Wendy, I know my dragons (CALDWELLER raises his hand) and I know Ted nerds out from now and then as well - but hold on Wend - the White Ice Dragon obviously has a frost breath attack, and I’m sure Bandit wished that was icy cool breath like a Certs commercial where dude’s glasses fog up, but Omega showed up to the arena ON FIRE with ANCALAGON The Daddy Dragon, and led Zero to the ring, who disrobed his magnificent robe/cloak thing to reveal the gold, and Bandit, who was out here with NO Legion, didn’t like that at all…”

WILDSTAR: “The Dragons had been on the title hunt for months and it finally paid off, but a couple of punches to your face from a pissed-off Bandit can end a night quicker than tagteam excellence can.”

(ACTION MONTAGE! ZERO stepping over the rope with ANCALAGON and his cane moving around ringside like a smooth submarine patrolling the area outside the ring; BANDIT in his corner with the low-pulled Bandana covering his forehead and dipping into his eyes, cracking his knuckles; ZERO and BANDIT nose-to-nose with the crowd bugging in the background; Both men on shaky legs after rocking each other with atomic bomb rights!)

RICE: “Yeah man, NO DOUBT. Omega Zero got this started early by eschewing the jibba-jabba and just went to the left-right-left punches and let THAT do the talking! Bandit can take a punch like nobody else, but not EVERYBODY is Omega Zero! The White Walker hustled Bandit into a few irish-whips and clotheslines, irish-whips and shoulder tackles, and into the corner and buried the shoulder DEEP into the Keeper of the Black Market secrets, and didn’t back off until Bandit snapped to life and YO, do you SEE this?”

(STILL MONTAGE of BANDIT in the corner, clubbing ZERO down across his back; DEADLIFTING ZERO INTO A POWERBOMB that shook the ring!)


WILDSTAR: “DragonDaddy makes you JUMP JUMP!”

RICE: “WOWWWWwww ‘Star? For real? (Laughs) Yeah, Ancalagon was covering his head after that seismic bomb, and that totally changed the tone of this match and Bandit took control, getting up and DOWN with a wicked Sturgis Leg Drop that almost got a three count and the right to call their rematch, but this ended at the 12 minute mark after an extended tour around the ringside area and several busted chairs later, when Bandit was surging a comeback and after recovering from a stair shot, ran in on Zero and caught a FLASH FREEZE big boot that rearranged his face! Omega Zero pushed Bandit into the ring, and got the crowd hyped and called for the Absolute Zero Last Ride, and DROPPED THE BOMB on Bandit, who was on his back and hurtin’ for certain! The tides turned right after Ancalogon and the ref were raising Zero’s hands when DEVASTATOR lumbered out and caught the Dragons from behind, and was setting them up for a DOUBLE-FIST Chokeslam, ‘Black’ Zack Dragon ran out from the back, and disrupted the attack, setting Omega AND Zack to DOUBLE MIST DEVASTATOR! The crowd roared as The EMT Champs got out of there, leaving a painted Voicebox Villain and a bad-back Bandit in the ring!”

DREWES: “And fans, keep checking in on NFW Films where the EMT champs are sure to let us know when that title rematch will take place. Thanks Natrone, and that sets us up for the MAIN EVENT, with a blinded Devastator? How’s this going to affect his match against the World Champion? We’ll be RIGHT BACK.”



LegionCalvin CarltonDevastator

(FADEIN: To a still screen shot of BANDIT in the middle of the ring with a towel wrapping it around DEVASTATORS face, while he writhes on the mat!)

DREWES: “And if the night wasn’t crazy enough, we enter the MAIN EVENT of the evening, a RARE World TItle Match with the undisputed NFW World Champion, JACK HARMEN, being thrown into the back alley to run the gauntlet against Legion’s BLACK MARKET, tonight against DEVASTATOR, the Silence behind the violence, and at RELOADED 22, the Main Event is close to being sanctioned - if Harmen can get out of this with his skin, he’ll be facing another big challenge at DOUBLE-DEUCE, because he WILL be in the Main Event in a title defense!”

CALDWELLER: “Jack Harmen is getting TESTED, as Castor Strife is trying to knock down his walls of defense by playing Pat Black against the spread now - offering up the “Blank Slate” contract to him, and the clocks’ ticking - he’s gotta cash in his title shot between NOW and RELOADED 23 in Jekyll Island!”

WILDSTAR: “The strain on a champion’s mind when he can’t properly prepare for a match is HUGE. So roll the tumbler - if Harmen gets to DOUBLE-DEUCE he has to face … (laughs) we have NO IDEA who he has to face, BUT AND THEN THERE’S CANCER, right? If he cashes in… Harmen could wind up pulling double duty! And what about next time? Anyway you slice it, If Harmen even MAKES it to Futureshock, Castor Strife is trying to wear him out, and Eddie Mayfield isn’t helping matters by throwing him down a murderer’s row, here against Devastator.”

CALDWELLER: “Correction: A BLIND Devastator.”

(IMAGE: DEVASTATOR being propped up in the corner by BANDIT, his face smeared with blotted out black and blue stain, blinking quickly and rubbing at his mask; The arena bathed in red light as CALVIN CARLTON leads JACK HARMEN to the ring with the NFW World Title sitting across the entirety of his trunk, with a baby red mohawk and red tights and boots, red wraps on his hands, screaming like Henry Rollins in the ‘Liar’ video!)

DREWES: “All Devastator has left is the hearing part to lose, and he’d be all of the “No Evil” Monkeys tonight, and let’s set the stage there, as the fates would have it, Jack Harmen couldn’t have asked for better luck as he got to the ring and before the bell could ring, he ran in and attacked the big man VICIOUSLY with hands fists and feet as BANDIT chased Calvin Carlton around the ringside area like a Tom and Jerry episode directed by Guillermo Del Toro!”

WILDSTAR: “You mean it was violent, yet oddly poetic?”

DREWES: “EXACTLY! But really, I wish I had more to report, because we saw the raw savagery of the World Champion totally exploit Devastator in there, and left him laying after Jack Harmen took direct advantage of the Chromatic Dragons’ mist, and at the 4 minute mark, ended this with a LOCOMOTIVE KICK that put Devastator on his back for a three-count, and instead of celebrating in the ring, Harmen turned around to see the PRESIDENTIAL SEAL on the FrontierTRON . . . and.. NOTHING ELSE! Eddie Mayfield setting up some mind games here, left Harmen shouting at the screen, then he picked up the NFW World title and begun yelling at the fresco of President Mayfield’s face on the belt…”

CALDWELLER: “PLEASE don’t forget that Jack Harmen is short a few dots on his dice. This just getting more and more complicated.”

DREWES: “Speaking of that, the night closed with LEGION who appeared at the top of the ramp to . . . SLOW CLAP for Harmen, as his Graverobbers struggled in the ring?! More mindgames, or maybe what’s left of the Walking Dead may see a Black Market merger?”

WILDSTAR; “Or… plan c: Legion is just totally MENTAL.”

DREWES: (laughs) “I like C myself! OK! For my broadcast brothers, I am Wendy Drewes and we’ll SEE YOU IN MIAMI! DOUBLE-DEUCE is gonna be a barnburner, so if you don’t catch a tan on South Beach, we’ll see you at RELOADED! Have a great night. NAMASTE.”


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