Lucky Seven Dossier


Real Name: Laurie Palazzo (also known as Laurie Strife)
Nicknames: The Black Rainbow
Birthdate: 06/20/1988
Hometown: Secaucus, NJ


Height: 5'8
Weight: 135

Looks: Tall, long limbs, high cheekbones, big pouty lips, and a slender physique with good muscle definition, particularly her delts which are very well well-defined. Shoulder length hair that is dyed black with blonde highlights. Eye color is green. Full sleeve tattoo on her right arm, a mural of mythological characters with a prominent Medusa head on the shoulder. Also has a tattoo of a serpent twisting around her spine from top to bottom, as well as some other images on her shoulder blades. Wears black, green, or purple eye shadow that flairs out to her temples, with matching lipstick.

Handedness: Right


Theme Music: "Death Valley 69" by Sonic Youth

Ring Entrance: Walks out of the entrance, arms held out, chewing gum and smiling maliciously. She then walks confidently to the ring, eyes trained forward. As she gets close to the end of the aisle, she spits her gum into the crowd, and takes a running start. She runs, slides beneath the bottom rope, and spins onto one knee at the center of the ring, throwing her black/blonde hair back and running her hand through one side or the other. She then climbs the top turnbuckle, yells to the crowd while pointing to herself, leaps up, and does a split-legged moonsault from the top turnbuckle, landing on her feet.

Ring Attire: Black closed short-vest with silver running up and down the middle, and "L7" written on the front in gold, black spandex half-shorts, and black shin-padded boots with 777 written in silver down each boot.


Alignment: Heel


Tactics/Style: Speed-based impact attacks. Extremely flexible, and it shows in her penchant for leg-based offense.