Omega Zero Dossier


Real Name: Unknown
Nicknames: The Patron Saint Of Winter, The Ice Dragon
Birthdate: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown


Height: 7'
Weight: 350 lbs

Looks: Burly, barrel-chested man with thick, hairy limbs, and a long flowing mane of silver-colored hair.

Handedness: Right


Theme Music: The Black Halo by Kamelot

Ring Entrance: Coming Soon!

Ring Attire: Omega Zero wrestles topless with black trunks that have ice-blue trim and matching black wrestling boots. Walking to the ring, he wears a full-body cape that covers him from neck to ankle, and has a hood for those moments where covering the head is appropriate.


Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Emotionally-detached giant of a man - the personification of an Ice Dragon.

Tactics/Style: Methodical big man brawling and power game.