Los Olvidados Dossier


Rey Amarillo
Hometown: Unknown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 211 lbs.
El Cabron
Hometown: Indianapolis, In
Height: 5'10
Weight: 227 lbs.


Combined Weight:



Theme Music:

Ring Entrance: Arena fills with guitar drone… lights may come down at bigger events. Rey Amarillo comes out first, stands at the head of the aisle, and waves his hand slowly out in front of him spanning the crowd, like he were casting a spell over them. El Cabrón emerges next, spinning out like the Tazmanian Devil and caps it off with by stopping himself by a big double-fist pump to charge up the crowd… only to find himself facing the wrong way. He realizes his error, corrects himself with a 180 degree spin and shakes it off with a goatish to the fans. The partners make eye contact, nod, and stride down to the ring together, Amarillo moving with bold determination while Cabrón bobs to the music.

Ring Attire:


Alignment: Face


Tactics/Style: Amarillo is a finesse high-flyer and tecnico luchadore. Cabrón is a daredevil high-flyer and martial arts expert. Both men are spot artists, and make their greatest gains in matches through unleashing perfectly timed and opportunistic tandem techniques. At points in matches, they will string together chains of aerodynamic moves in synchronization -- usually finishing a few moves in after they perform the same move in the direction of one target, which ends with Rey Amarillo nailing the move and El Cabrón hilariously landing on his face. Cabrón usually starts off the matches, trades licks before inevitably getting caught up in the showboating, then eventually gets his ass dominated through a series of hard and completely oversold bumps. Amarillo patiently watches until an opportunistic tag-in, in which he flies in and saves the day through an expertly executed aerial onslaught. Cabrón is also capable of well-timed saves, whenever he chooses to channel his inner Bruce Lee and counter a move with a face-melting moonsault.

Manager / Valet: n/a