Eddie Mayfield Dossier


Real Name: Dennis Edward Mayfield
Nicknames: "Hot Property"
Birthdate: 3/11/1976
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida


Height: 6'1
Weight: 250

Looks: Eddie Mayfield closely resembles Kiefer Sutherland, ten years back from modern-era Kiefer, now with slicked-back hair and a red/brown heel beard. Not chiseled, Mayfield's physique models a 80's NWA heels' look - a brawler's tone, with a bit of a gut, hairy chest.

Eddie Mayfield is notoriously known to smoke Camel brand cigarettes.

Handedness: Right


Theme Music: 'MR. HANGMAN' -- the STONE FOXES

Ring Entrance:

Ring Attire:


Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: Current NFW President, semi-inactive wrestler.

Tactics/Style: Mid-South Old School