Legion Dossier


Real Name:
Nicknames: The Devil's Reject, The Bringer Of Chaos


Height: 5'10
Weight: 225

Looks: Think of a combination of Raven and Jimmy Jacobs, mostly either wearing the For We Are Many shirt or bands like Ministry, Lesbian Bed Death etc

Handedness: Left


Theme Music: Chaos Is King by Onslaught

Ring Entrance: The lights go out as the sound of synths and keyboard can be heard as the intro to 'Pole Shift' begins - as soon as the guitar kicks in we see on both sides of the stage Bandit and Devastator. As soon as Jaz Coleman's vocals kick in Legion appears - staring at his opponent in the ring with a sick smile on his face - his plan to cause chaos for the given situation already formed in his mind.

After entering the ring he still stares at his opponent - the smile fades as he studies for possible weaknesses before the bell rings.

Ring Attire: Band t-shirt - think bands like Killing joke and Strapping young Lad as examples OR the Chaos Reigns Everything Around Me shirt and denim cut off jeans


Alignment: Neutral

Gimmick: A manipulator, likes to see how things plan out before getting involved, in some cases (as seen at Crashmas 2007) he will set the chess pieces as he sees fit...

Tactics/Style: A mixture of the Hardcore and Lucha, think a mixture of Raven, Jimmy Jacobs and Judas Mesias (if he had more charisma and didn't need Jim Mitchell to talk for him)