Xavier Langston Dossier


Real Name: Xavier Langston
Nicknames: DMXL, XL
Hometown: Newark, New Jersey


Height: 6'1
Weight: 230 lbs

Looks: Mocha skin, dirty blonde hair in dred locks, dirty blonde James Harden-style beard, blue eyes, wiry and fit but not overly muscular.

Handedness: Ambidexterous


Theme Music: Kinda Like A Big Deal by Clipse f. Kayne West

Ring Entrance: [Music Up: Kinda Like A Big Deal by Clipse f. Kayne West.]

[The lights dim, and several orange spotlights focus on the entrance way. Out from the back struts "Da Man" Xavier Langston, wearing his ring gear and his sleeveless trench coach. He turns his back to the ring, and extends his arms out to his sides as Clipse declars himself kinda like a big deal.]

< Commentator prompt >

[Turning back around, Langston walks down the ramp, interacting with the fans as he makes his way to the ring. Once he arrives at the ring, he leaps in one bound from the floor to the apron, then climbs in quickly and raises his arms to the fans' reaction.]

< Commentator prompt >

[Shedding his trench coat, Xavier hands it to the ringside attendant before he turns back to where the action will be.]

Ring Attire: Xavier wrestles shirtless, showcasing the black Old English X tattoo on his chest. His arms have black and orange striped bands around his upper biceps, and he tapes his wrists lightly. His lower body is covered with black and orange striped tights, which mesh well with his black and orange striped wrestling boots. When walking to the ring, he has a black sleeveless trench coat with "Da Man" sewn into the back in orange fabric that he sheds after entering the ring, handing to the attendant when possible.


Alignment: Neutral

Gimmick: Self-made man with a unique spiritual philosophy and no lack of confidence who wins fans over with high-flying ringwork and a bit of showing off.

Tactics/Style: Martial Arts based Striking with a fair amount of High Risks and a bit of a Submission game. Imagine RVD with the ability to tap someone out