Kerry Kuroyama Dossier


Real Name: Kerry Kuroyama
Nicknames: The Pacific Blitzkrieg, The Emerald City Eliminator, K-2
Hometown: Seattle, Washington


Height: 6'1
Weight: 237 lbs.

Looks: Mixed Japanese and Caucasian descent, in the prime of his youth. Solid, toned physique and an overall fit appearance. Eye color is dark brown, hair is black, worn in a trim spike cut (currently letting it grow out) and adorns his chin with a short, well-cropped goatee.

Handedness: Right


Theme Music: "REVOLVE" by the MELVINS

Ring Entrance: Music plays through the song’s intro; Kuroyama steps out as the drums join the first verse riff, pumping a fist into the air, pausing at the top of the ramp for a brief moment before heading down. He slaps hands with a few ringside fans on either side of the aisle, but mostly keeps his trip to the ring quick, driven with a bold sense of energy. He hits the ring, taking a moment to eye down the opponent if he’s not the first out, and scales a turnbuckle or two for a few more fist pumps to get the crowd in his corner.

Ring Attire: Ring equipment consists of boots, knee pads, elbow pads, and grappling gloves (all black), with attire being emerald green grappling shorts with black trim. The seal of The Dojo appears as a decal on the left hip. Walking to the ring, he wears a matching robe, which he hands over to the timekeeper before going in.


Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Third-generation wrestler, coming of age and following in his family’s footsteps. Straight-up babyface, prepared to overcome any obstacles in his way to bringing honor to the Kuroyama name.

Optimistic, respectful, focused, self-confident, and passionately driven to succeed. He’s a bit young and over-idealistic, but makes up for it with an earnest desire to learn as much as he can and bring out the best in himself.

Tactics/Style: Americanized version of Strong Style Puroresu, with emphasis on martial arts strikes chained into judo takedowns and submission holds, strung together with a lot of slams, suplexes, and power moves to wear the opponent down.