Castor Strife Dossier


Real Name: Castor V. Strife
Nicknames: The God of Snuff, The Final Scene - THE GOLDEN DREAM!, The Psychosexual Son of Saturn
Birthdate: 10/15/1980
Hometown: Hollywood, California


Height: 6'3
Weight: 245

Looks: Hazel green eyes, blonde hair that hangs to the bottom of the neck, chiseled face, intense stare. Has a patrician look to him, and a very well conditioned physique.

Handedness: Right


Theme Music: "Starfuckers Inc." by Nine Inch Nails

Ring Entrance: White mist lights shine on the entranceway as dozens of bulbs blink out in brown, white, green, and red, keeping in rhythm with the opening fast-paced opening beat. The FRONTIERtron is nothing but TV static; it turns into a circled number countdown from 4, 3, 2, 1 before Castor comes out, when it then becomes a 4-way split screen showing highlights of his greatest hits. He walks confidently to the ring wearing a gas mask and an array of jackets ranging from a French general's coat, to a basic green military jacket (with silver stars sewn on), to Italian leather, to whatever else screams out with artistic minimalism. He usually slides into the ring, throwing up his arms, and ripping off his gas mask. Lana Dremire usually follows him out devotedly.

Ring Attire: White wrestling tights with black lines indented like fingernail scratchmarks going down the legs and fading out just below the knees. On the butt of the pants are two woven black eyes. On his way to the ring, he wears a long black shimmering robe, and a gas mask over his face (to prevent him inhaling mediocrity from the rest of you).


Alignment: Neutral

Gimmick: Wealthy independent filmmaker who suffers from severe delusions of grandeur. Over the years, he has profited from a repertoire of avant garde cinema which include themes of psycho-sexual degradation, bisexual eroticism, bondage, perverse obsession, surrealness, delusion, dream sequencing, and coarse violent fantasies.

Tactics/Style: Well rounded wrestler that is incredibly athletic for a 245 pounder. Body type is similar to Lance Storm, style is like a younger Triple H but with a bit more athleticism.