Ancalagon Dossier

Real Name: Arthur Gold

Nicknames: The Gold Dragon, The Father of Dragons

Birthdate: Unknown

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 190 lbs


Hometown: Unknown

Alignment: Face


Ring Attire:

Theme Music:

Ring Entrance: [Music up: "Welcome to Dying" by Blind Guardian. The heavy guitar rifs cascade from the sound system like an avalanche of sound as the Chromatic Dragons walk out from the back. Led by the gold-robe-wearing Ancalagon, the trio makes their way down the aisle. The duo of Black Zack Dragon and Omega Zero both look focused and straight ahead, while Ancalagon reaches out and slaps the occasional hand of the fans. Once they arrive into the ring, both climb up on the apron. Dragon goes to the Dragons' corner and stands on the middle buckle, raising his left hand to the fans and their response, while Omega Zero steps over the top rope and remains locked in the zone. Dragon sheds his coat, and Zero his cape, and both are handed to Ancalagon before they meet in the corner for one last discussion before business commences.]


Manages: The Chromatic Dragons
Omega Zero
Zack Dragon

Management Style: Talking and neutralizing opponent distractions


Coming Soon!... More...


Other Characers:Omega Zero
The Chromatic Dragons
Xavier Langston
Zack Dragon