Rey Amarillo Dossier


Real Name: Unknown
Nicknames: the KING in YELLOW
Hometown: Unknown


Height: 5'11
Weight: 211

Looks: Rey Amarillo is of Latin descent, dark olive skin… well-toned and in remarkably good shape. His head and facial features are always obscured beneath his mask.



Theme Music: “Holy Mountain” by Sleep

Ring Entrance: Arena fills with guitar drone… lights may come down at bigger events. Rey Amarillo comes out, stands at the head of the aisle, and waves his hand slowly out in front of him spanning the crowd, like he were casting a spell over them. Amarillo then keeps moving with bold determination.

Ring Attire: Amarillo wears a very simple combination of boots, long tights, and wrist-bands, all yellow. His mask is made of a thin and flexible yellow material that covers everything above the neck and bears a black spiral design over the face, with barely visible mesh spots over the eyes and mouth for vision and speech. Coming to the ring, he also wears a yellow traditional wrestling robe, usually with the hood pulled up.


Alignment: Neutral

Gimmick: Rey Amarillo is your textbook masked mystery luchadore wrestler. The mystery surrounding him isn’t so much around his identity, but what he’s trying to accomplish. Says little to nothing, or nothing at all if he feels there’s nothing needed to be said. Always seems to be letting on that he knows something that the rest of the world will come to know “in time…”. He acts as the leader of the team, and a friend and mentor to El Cabrón. Definitely the competent member of the group. Erik Black has been an individual who has employed a variety of names, faces, and gimmicks over the years, and comes off as an amalgam of all of them beneath the mask of El Cabrón. He often times comes off as a clown and an incompetent goofball on the level of your typical curtain jerk, but is known for having occasional and spontaneous flashes of grit and focused clarity where everything seems to come together for him and he fights with the skill of a Drunken Kung Fu master. This has always made him a bit of a wildcard in the ring, but prides himself on his level of unpredictability. He can be both entertaining and dangerous, providing a darker Yin to Rey Amarillo’s orderly Yang. Always starts the matches. Together, they form a sort of odd couple of wrestling, but one that seems highly bonded and trusting of each other, on an almost brotherly level. Rey Amarillo shows a great deal of patience and understand toward El Cabrón hijinks, always seeing him as an equal and vital half to the team’s chemistry, and the two seldom squabble over differences.

Tactics/Style: Amarillo is a finesse high-flyer and tecnico luchadore.